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August $100 Challenge

July 30th, 2016 at 11:10 am

Now that we're only days away from turning our calendars to August, what a great way to think about saving some money in a new month! Now as July ends you've probably spent a majority of the month enjoying the sun and nice weather, and although you can still do the same thing in August.

I bet you want to get on track with any goals you may still have. They say based on happiness levels that we're mostly happy from June to August, and that setting a goal in any of these months is much more smarter then setting a goal in January when u most likely will fail it by mid to end January or even early February.

So why not do the August $100 Challenge? How it works is very simple. August has 31 days (in case you didn't know that LOL) so if you save just $3.25 a day for all 31 days you will net $100.75 on August 31st! Although $100 won't break the bank, it is a good way to start stashing away some money mostly with the fact that before you know it, Christmas will be here so saving money now is still going to count! Or maybe you want to save some money to go towards your Labor Day weekend camping? or money towards school? Or just getting into the habit of saving then doing this challenge will be a good start to any saving goals you may have!

So what are some tips to saving $3.25 a day for 31 days?
1) Put an item back on the shelf when your shopping for your weekly food (odds are there's something in your cart that you really DON'T need)
2) Skip the daily coffee and make your coffee from home! This will easily save you $3.25 a day or close to it!
3) Drink water instead of the daily sodas, not only will this save you money but it's healthier for your body too!
4) Avoid ATM fees, some machines can charge you up to $3 just to withdraw your own money! My laundry machine charges me $0.85 fee if I use my credit card to load my laundry card! (Skip these fees by using your own bank to withdraw your money)

Whatever you may do it's very easy to save $3.25 a day in order to have a nice $100 by the end of August! Good luck and try this challenge out starting Monday (August 1st, 2016!) GOOD LUCK!

31 Day Dime Challenge

July 15th, 2016 at 08:49 pm

So many of you probably have heard of the 30 day quarter challenge which can net you $116.25 in 30 days! And for some people living paycheck to paycheck this is a good ideal challenge to start! It gets you the first $100+ saved up in just 30 days and more important you could repeat it month after month!

While I had a friend who recently got into some major debt. After becoming a savings coach I felt really bad that I couldn't help him out the way I would like too. Then I remember a challenge I posted on my private savings challenge group on FB back in May 2015! After posting the 30 day quarter challenge in April 2015 I was getting some people telling me that saving even $116.25 in 30 days can be hard for some people, b/c the days when u had to save $5 or more would be hard for people who barely could come up with $5 or more in a day to save!

So I posted the 31 Day Dime Challenge for May 2015, I made it for 31 days only b/c May had 31 days and it was the next month right after April, so of course u could do this in a month with 30 days just you'll save a bit less!

So it'll only net you $49.60 in 31 days (just shy of $50) but it's a good start for people who are looking to save money even if it's only their first $50 in a month!

How this challenge works? So on Day 1 you save 1 dime ($0.10), on Day 2 u save 2 dimes ($0.20), Day 3 u save 3 dimes ($0.30) all the way until Day 31 when you save 31 dimes or $3.10! By doing this you'll net EXACTLY $49.60 in 31 Days OR $46.50 in 30 days (if u do this in a month with 30 days)! Seeing that I'm posting this in mid July 2016, start this challenge up in August 2016... Since August has 31 days, pass this on too anyone who says saving even $100 in a month is hard!

Just think in the first 9 days your saving amounts all less than $1... What costs less then $1 now of days? Not many things and if something does cost under $1 do you really need it? Odds are probably not! The most someone will have to save is $3.10 in 1 day... in Canada (where I'm from) $3.10 won't get you far... A lotto 6/49 ticket costs $3 (without the extra) but the odds of winning the lottery are way lower to the odds of you actually saving $50 in a month! Try this out or pass this on too someone who u know is in debt, get them into the habit of saving even if it's only $50 to start off! It's $50 more they'll have if they didn't do this challenge!